$125,000 CASH ONLY no financing
The mobile home is located at 497 Venecia Drive
Approximately 1000 sq. ft., 2-bedrooms, 2-baths, shower over tub, living room, dining room, breakfast bar,central air
condition gas heating, washer/dryer area.
Mobile homes have 2 types of owners the Legal Owner and Registered Owner. What I am selling is the legal ownership
of the mobile home you will not be able to move in. In addition to the legal ownership I have a Note and Legal
Agreement that I will assign to the Buyer who will assume the agreement under its existing terms. The registered
owner is living in the home and has a life lease with me for $500/month. He also owes me approximately $9,500 and is
paying that off over 4 years at $213/month so the total income I am receiving is $713/month currently. Per our
agreement tenant is responsible for the space rent, utilities, repairs, registration and insurance. Per the agreement I
have the transfer deed for the registered ownership already signed over but cannot record it and sell the mobile
home unless one of two things happens: tenant dies which will end the life lease or tenant fails to make a monthly
payment to you or to the park then you are required to give him a 72 hour notice to abate the breach. I can provide a
copy of the agreement to anyone and happily review the details.
494 Venecia Drive neighboring mobile home is currently pending sale for $245,000
Shorter Summary: What you are getting is $713/month for 4 years then $500/month forever. Once the occupant dies or
fails to make a payment you can sell the mobile home.
Beck Family Real Estate
497 Venecia Drive San Jose Mobile Home Legal Ownership + Note/Agreement
Contact: or 408-927-9782